Tina Johnson

Favorite Product

saint arnold Saint Arnold French Press


Sales Consultant

In 2005, I was studying at the College of the Mainland and was in need of a part-time job. I was browsing through the college’s jobs and careers webpage when I found Del Papa Distributing. I knew nothing about the company, but I applied for and obtained a Merchandiser position. I loved the opportunities that the company gave me so much that I decided to focus on my career full-time. As a full-time employee, I moved into the position of Account Manager, which is now defined as a Retail Service Representative. Having never been in sales I was a little shaky in the beginning, but after a couple of years of working in the market, I was able to master the day-to-day structure and workload. Investing the extra hours and focus into my job helped me gain the necessary knowledge to assist in my transition into my next position as a craft beer salesperson. From there, I became a Sales Consultant where I get to execute programs for our more established beer brands while still helping to build new ones. Even though it can be challenging at times, I love the challenge of a sale and give my best every day!
Throughout my time with Del Papa Distributing, I have realized that developing a trustworthy relationship with my customers is one of my biggest goals, as it is imperative for success. I want my customers to know that I possess a passion for this career, and I want to be the best salesperson they have ever worked with. Not only that, but I feel trusted and empowered by my team to get the job done. Since Del Papa Distributing is structured and follows a team mindset, I have no problems achieving my professional goals. Team leaders assist me daily and even on the busiest holidays, everyone pitches in. This is an outstanding company to work for, and the loyalty they demonstrate to their employees is one of the main reasons I have been a part of this team for 18 years. Throughout the course of my career, I have been pushed to be the best I can be and go beyond what I thought I could do.