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Vice President of Operations

I never actually applied to work at Del Papa Distributing! When I was getting ready to graduate from Lamar University in 1996, I submitted my resume to the College Placement Center. I didn’t know it, but Del Papa Distributing was creating a “Trainee Program” and was looking to hire recent college graduates. The College Placement Center sent in my resume and I got selected to the program. Out of the ten of us that started in that program, four of us still work here today! The first position I held was as a Consumer Marketing Representative. We handled a lot of the special events and did special projects like market surveys and secured shelf space at different accounts.

A few years later, I went on to work as a Sales Rep, then in the Pricing Department, then as a Business Analyst, and then as the Financial Services Director. I was then asked to take over our Beaumont Warehouse Operations team. Then, in 2009, I became the Vice President of Operations. Now I oversee all warehouse operations and safety and loss control for the company.

Growing up, I was always played on a sports team. I learned how valuable it is to work together to achieve a common goal. That’s my favorite part of my job here and that is what makes Del Papa Distributing different from other companies- we are a team and we rally together! When I became the manager of the Beaumont Warehouse, it was the least efficient warehouse in our operation. Within a year, we became the most efficient. We demonstrated what it means to work together as a team. In order for us to be truly successful as a company, everyone has to work together. There is not an opportunity for individuals to be successful without the team being successful. In this culture, it is not about who you know, but about what each person brings to the table. You really can work your way up from the bottom. I am just one example of that.

Another thing that sets Del Papa Distributing apart is how we value our people. The company really puts its people first. The way we do things here is a little different- from our facilities and equipment to the way we dress, there is quality in everything we do. Integrity is key for us and leadership is by example. I have had the opportunity to work for a lot of different leaders in this company and they have all helped me get to where I am today. I use what they have taught me to teach the members of my team. I cannot wait to watch them grow and succeed.