Favorite Product

Michelob Ultra


Retail Service Rep

I used to be a truck driver. And while there were many things I liked about that job, the driving business tends to get slow. I decided to get a job in a business that was always busy—the beer business! I applied at Del Papa Distributing and was hired as a Delivery Assistant. Now, I’m going on my 10th year with this busy industry and this company that has come to feel like family.

In my years here, I have worked in the warehouse, driven trucks, delivered beer, and now I work as a Retail Service Rep. In this job, I work hard to establish relationships with customers and order the products they need for their stores. We believe the customer is first and we do whatever we can to supply our customers with the products they need, no matter what the circumstance! It’s all about establishing relationships.

The relationships are the best part of my job. Not only the people I work to serve, but the people that work alongside me. I work with some amazing people who will go above and beyond to help you make sure the job gets done. Holidays can be some of the busiest days in the beer business. Because of that, you may think I would come to dread them, but they are actually some of my favorite days! They are really fun to work because everyone in the company, from the top of the ladder, down, works together in the market to get the job done. People here always have your back!

At this company, it really is like a family relationship. They believe in family. They are there for you when you need them and go above and beyond to take care of their employees. I experienced this first hand when my husband was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks after I started working at Del Papa Distributing. Even though I had just started, I received time off to spend with my husband as we navigated through all the things that came with a cancer diagnosis. This is a family business that treats their employees and customers like family!