Favorite Beer


Retail Service Rep

I’ve worked at Del Papa Distributing for five and a half years. After hearing about a job opportunity, I filled out an application and was hired on as a Merchandiser. After about a year and a half, I was promoted to my current position as a Retail Service Rep. In my job I manage inventory, rotate products, generate orders, and make sure my customers are more than satisfied with the service they receive.

My favorite thing about my job is that I get to directly see results from all of my hard work. As a Retail Service Rep, I work in the market every day and I get to interact with the best customers! I get to be creative in building different displays and see ideas put into action. I love getting to see what we are achieving in the market and watch all of it come full circle.

In other jobs that I have had, I did not necessarily feel like I was on a career path. That all changed when I came to Del Papa Distributing. I have more than just a job I like, but I see myself in a career and on a path that has a direction. I can see myself here forever! That is encouraged here—there is the opportunity for you to better yourself so that in return, you better the company.

I work with really fun people that make it enjoyable to come into work every day! Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work. My supervisors care about what is happening in my personal life and they support me in prioritizing family matters. That is another thing that makes this company different—they care about their employees’ quality of life outside of work. Having a good life away from works makes me a better worker. I really feel like this company cares about me!