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Sales Manager

I was working as a manager at a local grocery store. Throughout my time there, I worked closely with employees and representatives from Del Papa Distributing. They recognized my work ethic and thought I would be a great addition to their team. We discussed what positions were open at Del Papa Distributing and they steered me in the right direction. I applied and was hired as an Account Manager/Retail Service Rep. I have now been working with the company for over five years and was recently promoted from Sales Consultant to Sales Manager.

As a Sales Consultant, my main job was to take care of grocery store and convenience store accounts. I sold and designed displays and worked to improve the customer interaction and strengthen the relationships within those accounts. While we always work to distribute our high quality products, our relationships with our customers are the most important thing we build! 

Now, as a Sales Manager, the daily interactions I have with our internal employees and external customers is my favorite part of what I do. Each day is different—I really like getting up in the morning and not really knowing where the day is going to take me. While I always have a plan and targeted goals, I never really know who I am going to see or interact with out in the market. No matter who it is, I love the daily interaction I get with people. 

The way our company works together as a team is very unique. Holiday weekends are very busy for all distribution businesses because more products are sold. While these days are busy and there is a ton of work to do, no one works alone. We manage the heavy workload as a team. And while this business requires hard work, Del Papa Distributing cares about their employee’s quality of life outside of the office. The hard work pays off in the end and it is so worth it!