Favorite Product

Michelob Ultra


Sales Coordinator

Del Papa is a family where each member supports and uplifts one another and fosters a sense of belonging beyond the workplace. I have worked at Del Papa Distributing for 21 years. Someone I knew worked here and he was able to get me hired on. I started out as a Delivery Trainee and eventually became a Driver. I have spent most of my time as a Coordinator both on the Delivery side and now on the Sales side.

Working here for 21 years has allowed me to experience a lot! It is crazy to think of how many things have changed for the better. Just look at technology: When I started, we didn’t have air-conditioned trucks. Now, our trucks have AC, and our printers are wireless. Our company culture has evolved too. We are still a competitive business, but the sense of camaraderie is even more than it used to be. Everyone is always there to help each other out.

I would tell anyone starting their career at Del Papa to have integrity and be accountable for yourself. We always do what is best for our customers. It is hard work! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have the support from my wife at home. In our busiest seasons, there are some long days. My wife’s partnership at home allowed me to build my career here – and it’s a good career. Being here for as long as I have, I got to know Mr. D, who is now no longer with us, and Larry. I am thankful to work for a family-owned business that has allowed me to provide for my own family.