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District Manager

Del Papa is security and opportunity! I was working at a liquor store and got to know some of the Del Papa Distributing employees who would service my store. One day, they told me that there was a job opening and encouraged me to apply for it. I got the job as a Sales and Service Specialist. Now, I have worked at Del Papa for 30 years and have had the opportunity to build a career.

I have done a little bit of everything throughout my career. I ordered POS and worked on planograms as a Merchandising Resource Coordinator. I was a driver for about a year. I was a Sales Rep then a Sales Coordinator. I have worked on the marketing side as a Brand Manager and now am a District Manager overseeing some of our Sales Service operations.

I have always been proud to work at Del Papa Distributing! I took pride in selling Budweiser, the “King of Beers.” I take pride in working for a family company that gave me the security to work hard to provide college and graduate educations for my children. There is a work ethic that this company instills and embraces: we work hard, but we are rewarded. When we do the right thing, we are rewarded. It is hard work, and there are long days; but not everyday is hard. It has taught me the same thing about life: no matter how difficult something gets, you know it won’t always be this way and you will get through it and learn from it.

I am also proud of the impact Del Papa Distributing has in the community. I have watched the company invest in our local neighborhoods and I am proud that people are starting to recognize that. I love to know that the family aspect of this business also applies to my family. It is nice to know that my children, if they choose, could build a career here, too! It is a place I would be proud for my own kids to work.