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Delivery Coordinator

I had just graduated high school when my cousin told me about a job opportunity at Del Papa Distributing. He was working here and told me it was a great company to work for, so I applied and got a job as a Delivery Assistant. During my first month on the job, I was able to get my CDL! Over the last 16 years in my career at Del Papa, I have worked as an Order Builder in the Warehouse, an 8-Bay Driver, a Delivery Trainee, a Retail Service Specialist, and now a Delivery Coordinator.

I love that my job offers me flexibility so I can prioritize time with my family. I’m not stuck in one spot all day every day. Instead, I get to be out in the market with my team, taking care of our customers. I am always telling my team that taking initiative makes a difference. I worked my way from the bottom up. It is easy to say you want something, but you have to show that you want it. I think that has helped me be successful – I always wanted to be the best, and that motivates me to give my all in everything I do.

My career here helped me grow as a person! While I was training for different jobs, I was actually learning skills that would help me through life. I have learned to take my time and be observant when making decisions. I have learned the right way to handle a lot of different situations. My boss, Robert, has known me since I first started and has helped me a lot throughout my career. It is great to hear him talk about how I have grown as an employee and also as a person over the last 16 years.