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Accounting Services Rep

Del Papa is committed to creating a positive work environment encouraging growth and development and providing ample opportunities for employees to thrive in their careers. I have experienced this firsthand while working here over the last four years as an Accounting Services Rep.

I had originally applied for a different position and the day of my interview the recruiter was notified that an Accounting Services Rep position needed to be filled. She responded, “I think I just interviewed the perfect person.” I was at the right place at the right time! So, at the start of the pandemic, I filled that role. Most of my training was done remotely but they made sure I felt at home. Having never worked in the beer industry before, I have learned the ins and outs of accounting for a company with a warehouse and truck fleet.

This company is family-oriented. I have a great work-life balance and the team support here is like no other! To know you have a team that will support you and help you get through anything makes all the difference in the world.