Favorite Product




I started working at Del Papa Distributing when I was in High School. They had summer positions, and I worked on the weekends. I worked as a truck helper and merchandised in stores. Just before I graduated, I was asked to work full-time! Working with both Sales and Delivery, I have been trained by the best of the best. I love that I have worked with drivers on all teams in our Victoria market. I have gotten to meet all kinds of customers – bars, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. It has helped me learn the ins and outs of this business.

As a Merchandiser in the beverage distribution business, there was a lot to learn: how to build pallets, how to take inventory, and how to sell a new product to a store. I love to talk to my leaders and ask questions, which has helped me learn problem-solving. I have been able to learn people skills as I engage with customers and teammates. The friends I have made at work over the last five years feel like family now – we treat each other like family!

I have learned from anyone and everyone who was willing to teach me, which has been everyone! Working at Del Papa Distributing feels like an adventure where you always have someone looking out for you.