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Delivery Coordinator

Del Papa is service by people from and in the community. It’s a place where you can grow and set goals for yourself. It’s a family friendly business and it’s a service company. I have worked at Del Papa Distributing for 17 years. I saw an internet ad that the company was hiring so I applied. I had a couple of interviews and was hired as truck washer. After only a few weeks, I moved to a delivery assistant position. I worked that job for a few years then moved to the warehouse. After a few more years, I became a merchandiser and worked in sales.

When the company began their program to help employees obtain their CDL, I decided to work to obtain mine. Then, I became a Delivery Driver. Now, I work as a Delivery Coordinator. My favorite thing about working here is the professional growth that can happen when you set your mind to it. As a leader, now I get to help others grow and develop.

I have learned to challenge myself and to stay motivated by doing new things every day. The way we do things today will not be the way we do things in two years. We are always innovating so I know to stay ready, and I’ve learned to be open minded to the way things can be. There is also a family feel: everyone knows you by your first name, or even your nickname. You are not just a number here – it feels like family!