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Executive Assistant

Del Papa is a culture of hard work, teamwork, family, and a place I call home! My dad worked for the fleet services company that was contracted with Del Papa Distributing. He put in a word for me and got me an interview. I was hired in the Beaumont location to print shelf tags and manage the point of sale (POS) inventory. As I learned my role, I realized I had capacity for more responsibility and asked for more work. I began taking deposits and eventually moved to an administrative assistant role. I then spent a good portion of my career working on the shelf space team building sets and planograms for our retail customers. I spent some time in the market but realized that administration was where I wanted to be.

When I started, I was young and wanted to learn and grow through different positions. Over my 17-year career, I have learned to take initiative: I spoke up when I wanted more responsibility; I was clear with my leaders on the job role I hoped to have one day; then, I sought out experience and opportunities that I knew would help me achieve my goals. It helped to have the right leadership pointing me in the right direction and supporting me along the way. My goal was to be the Executive Assistant. I have now had that job for the past 5 years!

My favorite thing about Del Papa Distributing is the team I get to work with. This company is family-oriented, and the people have become like family. The leaders here make work easy and fun! Now that I have started a family of my own, I appreciate the flexibility and company benefits more than ever! The company is generous and understands how important family is. They take care of their people – whether it is a pandemic or a hurricane, it’s a blessing to work for a company that can still provide for its people during the hard times. I wake up every morning loving my job – this place has the whole package.