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Retail Service Assistant

In August 2015, after serving 10 years with the United States Air Force, I knew I wanted to continue my life of service. I had seen Del Papa Distributing employees out and about and I knew a few people that worked for the company. I submitted an application online and was hired as a Merchandiser. After 2 years, I moved into my current position as a Retail Service Assistant. My main responsibilities include assisting drivers to deliver products from the warehouse to their final retail destination where they will be purchased by beer drinkers. In this job, I get to work with a variety of different people. Similar to the military, I get to learn from each and every person I come in contact with.

When I first started working here, the company was very flexible and encouraging as I chose to continue my education. I was able to work ahead and complete my work early in order to attend classes during the week. Now, my schedule still allows me to take night classes towards my degree in Business Administration and Management. In this line of work, at a company like Del Papa Distributing, I have the opportunity to utilize what I am learning from my degree and put it into practice in my day-to-day work through customer service skills and interpersonal communication. I want to develop as an employee here so I look forward to being able to explore other opportunities.

I spend my days off volunteering. Service has kind of been ingrained in me. It all started with a man that used to run the Boys and Girl Club where I am from—Sheldon Brown served without needing recognition. Now, when I go back home, I see him continuing to put his time into the community, just like he always has. That has inspired me. During my time in the military, I started to see the effect I had on those I mentored. We used to go see veterans in veteran hospitals. You get to see how you affect and change them when you take time to serve them. I got to see and understand the full-circle of service. When I got out of the military, I always told myself I would continue my life of service. Now, I volunteer at my local YMCA. Sometimes when I am working in the market, I run into some of the kids I volunteer with and can’t believe how quickly they grow up. I love to see development in the communities I work in.

Last year at Del Papa Distributing, I received the first ever LJD Community Leader Award. This is an award given to an employee that demonstrates leadership in his community outside of work. I was shocked—I didn’t think I did enough to earn the award. It has started a conversation among employees of motivating each other to be involved during our free time to help our communities. I am always looking for an opportunity to expand my volunteer efforts.

Working at Del Papa Distributing has given me exposure to a lot of different communities. It has opened my eyes to different things and I have met so many different kinds of people through my time here. It is my job to serve our local communities and give them my best. It is my passion in life to serve others and give them my best. The United States Air Force teaches every Airman three core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. At Del Papa Distributing, I am able to better myself and live out my passions and these core values every day.

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