Favorite Product


Vehicle Custodian

Del Papa is love, goodness, kindness, and caring about people! I have loved my nine years working at Del Papa Distributing. I first heard about a part-time job opening at the company from a friend. Her brother is one of our District Managers and she passed along my name. I received a call one day to come in for an interview and was hired as a part-time Vehicle Custodian. Two years later, I moved into the position full-time!

I am in charge of looking after our vehicle fleet in our Beaumont location. I wash and detail up to eleven vehicles per day. When I get here in the mornings, I have a plan of what I will accomplish in the day.  But there is always something important that takes priority so I have to adapt to what each day might bring. No matter what, all of our vehicles get washed at least once a week.

My favorite part of my job is washing the delivery trucks. I love getting to interact with all of our delivery drivers—they are kind of like my own customers. I love keeping them satisfied and to hear them compliment how good their vehicle looks.

This company has come such a long way! The beer industry today is very different than it once was: the markets are different; the trends are different. But Del Papa Distributing has the mindset to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. The company does a good job of communicating what’s going on in the industry and in our company to their employees. The quarterly communication meetings are my favorite part. I’m always amazed at how all of our leadership team and managers communicate the same purpose. We all have the same dream in mind for the company—we’re just doing our different parts to make sure we get there. I love seeing how what I do contributes to what we do in our markets and communities.

We also have a culture of safety. Whether it’s in the warehouse, on the roads, or in the office, safety is a priority. So is teamwork: on each level, every leader takes full responsibility for what happens to their team. I see everyone pulling together as one team, all the time. It’s amazing!
Right now is a really good time for people to join the Del Papa team. The personal development opportunities are like none other. Our employees get access to online professional classes for free! This company is always looking out for their employees and wants them to stay personally developed. I admire everything about Del Papa Distributing!