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5 Things You Should Know About Corona Seltzer


Corona Hard Seltzer is a tasty, spiked sparkling water with a splash of natural fruit flavor that allows you to enjoy the moment. In each 12oz can, Corona Hard Seltzer has 0g Carbs†, 0g Sugars*, 90 Calories, and is gluten-free. Available in refreshing flavors such as Tropical Lime, Mango, Cherry, and Blackberry Lime.

4.5% ABV

5 Things You Should Know About Corona Seltzer:

  1. Corona Seltzer is Another Way to Find Your Beach: The ONLY spiked seltzer made with pure beach vibes
  2. Corona Seltzer has less Carbs, Less Sugar and Less Calories than other brands in the category
  3. Corona Seltzer has Superior Flavor Compared to White Claw, Truly and Henry’s**
  4. Corona Seltzer is available at all of your favorite retail stores and watering holes… just ask for it by name
  5. Corona Seltzer makes a GREAT cocktail. To find a recipe you will love, click here: Corona Seltzer Cocktail Recipes


**Source: Curion, 2019 hard seltzer consumer liquid test