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Del Papa Distributing Company’s Team ULTRA

Michelob ULTRA is no doubt the fastest growing beer brand in the country. Why are beer drinkers so obsessed? In part, it has to do with what is in the beer. With only 95 calories and 2.6g of carbohydrates and brewed without artificial flavors or colors, it is a healthy option allowing consumers to drink guilt free. This isn’t the only way Michelob ULTRA encourages drinkers to “feel good.” ULTRA has successfully branded itself as the active lifestyle beer. Consumers are able to enjoy their beer and have fun without compromising the work they put in to remain active and healthy.

Along the Texas Gulf Coast, Del Papa Distributing is partnering with local organizations that Live Fit, Live Fun, and Live ULTRA. Check out which local establishments are already a part of our Team ULTRA. Do you know any other organizations committed to a healthy active lifestyle that would want to join our movement? Contact us!

Southeast Texas Partners

CrossFit Beaumont
2895 Laurel St., Beaumont

Your membership at CrossFit Beaumont allows you to work out at CrossFit Lumberton, CrossFit Mid-County, or CrossFit Bridge City! Memberships to their gyms also allows you to come to classes at CrossFit Beaumont anytime. They train strictly using the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that combines gymnastics, power lifting, cardiovascular training, and Olympic weightlifting. By mixing these elements in as many ways possible it allows for workouts to be constantly varied to maximize your results.

CrossFit Midcounty
1111 Canal Ave., Nederland

Your membership at CrossFit Midcounty allows you to work out at CrossFit Lumberton, Beaumont, or Bridge City! Memberships to their gyms also allows you to come to classes at CrossFit Midcounty anytime. The goal is simple: Develop and maintain the best possible training staff, facilities and programs available for those looking to increase their fitness and perform better. Members vary in type from those who have sat behind a desk for 30 years to active duty military about to deploy. Workouts are varied by degree but not type. The demands you have and the demands of a police officer do not change; everyone needs to be able to perform tasks. The goal with these tasks, aka “work”, is to increase your ability to perform these tasks given any time frame and any type of task required of you.

CrossFit Lumberton
565 N LHS Dr., Unit 107, Lumberton

Your membership at CrossFit Lumberton allows you to work out at CrossFit Midcounty, Beaumont, or Bridge City! Memberships to their gyms also allows you to come to classes at CrossFit Lumberton anytime. A free introductory class allows you to get acquainted with the work outs and meet the coaches and members!

GTS CrossFit
2825 Nall St. Suite #6, Port Neches

At GTS CrrossFit, classes are performed in a group setting led by caring and inspirational Coaches. This program is for all skill levels from elite to beginner participants. Learn and know how to safely execute the many CrossFit moves regularly seen in workouts. Workouts are modified for beginners to prepare you for more standard moves.

Coastal Partners

Ante Up CrossFit
12230 Hwy 6, Santa Fe, TX 77510

Ante Up CrossFit is a place where any person, whether they be an elite athlete or a beginner, can walk through the doors and feel welcomed, included, and inspired to put their best effort into that days’ workout. Our workouts are challenging to long time crossfitters, yet they can be scaled to meet every individual’s needs. Their dedication and passion is to see the CrossFit community be a fun, welcoming, and accepting community of all skill levels. Programs are designed to develop core strength and conditioning, focused on enhancing your overall general physical preparedness. This is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize your physical capabilities. Our programs are scalable for all fitness levels, age groups, and physical limitations.

Crossfit Undercurrent
5128 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston

Is your current program not working for you? Stop into Crossfit Undercurrent today and find out what all the buzz is about. Locally owned and operated, Crossfit Undercurrent is Galveston’s premiere choice when it comes to building an athletic foundation. Members’ results speak for themselves! At Undercurrent, attention to detail and top notch instruction go hand in hand. Coaches work hard to assess everyone individually and cater to the abilities of athletes. If you want to build strength, power, and endurance, or just want to shed some pounds, this is the place for you. Come try it for 3 free introductory classes. Your only regret will not be signing up sooner!

Fit Tri Run (Footwear Store)
518 23rd St., Galveston, TX 77551

Locally owned and operated, Fit Tri Run is Galveston’s specialty running and triathlon store offering top-of-the-line performance gear from the world’s best brands. A customer-centric specialty store, they offer the best in shoes, apparel, nutrition, and accessories that support active living. They also offer training opportunities and educational seminars for running, walking, triathlons, and overall fitness. At Fit Tri Run, you can expect nothing less than the best! Visit and enjoy personalized service and a great shopping experience.