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The Legend of the Ar-Modelo

For years’ friends from Austin would speak of a classic cantina on the east side of town.  It was the source of the world famous Ar-Modelo.  East Austin has been home to a vibrant Chicano community for as long as any living generation can remember. Countless small businesses, cantinas, restaurants, churches and schools have long catered to Mexican American families with proud Texas roots. La Perla is one of the last living Tejano bars in the city.

There have been numerous variations thrown around on how to make this world famous drink.  From adding worchestire sauce, tomato juice, and even that weird friend that swears by Twang.

In the end this classic just needs the following:


Fresh Lime Juice


Hot Sauce

We’ve seen it made with Tabasco, Valentina, Cholula, Frank’s Red Hot, and even a few wild cards in a pinch made it with Sriracha and Louisiana Hot Sauce.  Everyone’s palate is a bit different so we won’t judge you by what you add.  Just make sure to make it a Modelo and raise a can to La Perla and your favorite local cantina while enjoying.




A local team of filmmakers has dedicated a year documenting and preserving the story and the legacy of the small corner bar on east 6th.  Watch here.

How to make the Ar-Modelo by La Perla Cantina.