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Del Papa Distributing Announces New “Cheers” Events

Did you know Del Papa Distributing and 2-Row Distributing host a monthly beer tasting? For the past seven years, each “Third Thursday” of the month, we have gathered at each of our three Distribution Centers for a night of beer sampling and fun! We strive to bring beer drinkers the newest products and innovative pairings. These events are one of our favorite ways to meet our consumers and be present in our local communities – after all, they mean everything to us! And after seven years, we thought it was time to shake things up and take these events to the next level. It is our pleasure to now introduce Cheers Events!

What Is A “Cheers” Event?

Similar to our Pint Jockey events, Cheers Events will be monthly tasting events that happen at each of our three Distribution Centers where we will bring you the latest and greatest in beer. However, with a new name, we will also offer a broader range of tasting events including additional themed events and sampling efforts in our local markets.

How Will “Cheers” Events be Different from Pint Jockeys

Cheers events will aim to educate and engage beer drinkers with all things beer by bringing Del Papa Distributing and 2-Row Distributing together! We’ll let you in on a little secret… there are LOTS of new beer products coming to our market in 2019 and we want you to have a chance to try them all. Cheers events will simply allow us to enhance your beer experience.

Why The Name?

Did you know the clinking of two glasses is the sound that is most associated with beer? You may have thought it to be the crisp sound of air releasing from an ice cold beer bottle or can. Or, you may have guessed it to be the exhale “ahhhhh” that escapes your lips after you take a sip of the refreshing liquid. But in actuality, it’s the signature “clink” of two people coming together in a communal “Cheers!” Beer brings people together and that is what we want to do with our signature events.

When Are They?

Cheers Events will aim to follow the “Third Thursday” layout of our former Pint Jockey events. However, we may throw in additional and themed events that coordinate with major holidays or special releases. We will make sure to keep you posted as soon as we have updated information.

When is the First Event?

The first event will be February 28- the FOURTH Thursday this month. Why you ask? The world renowned Budweiser Clydesdales will be in Texas City and we want YOU to have a chance to meet them. They will be live and in person at our Texas City Distribution center. In Beaumont and Victoria will we have life-size replicas of the horses so you can experience the magic of these creatures for yourselves.