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Raise a Glass, Save a Tail – How Your “Cheers!” Means Change for Animals in Need

Now there is even more you can do to support Dorothy H. O’Connor Pet Adoption Center – raise a glass, save a tail! In the months of May and June, buy Pacifico and help serve and save animals in your local community.

Whether you are animal lover or not, you know Dorothy H. O’Connor Pet Adoption Center (DOCPAC) as the longest serving animal shelter in Victoria County. They care for homeless animals and advocate for pet adoption into loving homes. DOPAC also frequents local Victoria workplaces with their shelter dogs to help employees and public servants destress from their daily responsibilities. It is hard not to love and support the work of Dorothy H. O’Connor Pet Adoption Center! Now, it is even easier to support their amazing mission. All you have to do is raise a glass of Pacifico!

Helping Animals in Need is as easy as "Cheers!"

Throughout the months of May and June, in collaboration with PacificoDel Papa Distributing will donate $5.00 for every case of Pacifico sold in the Victoria distribution territory to shine a spotlight on the importance of pet adoption while providing tangible support to the DOPAC’s operations. The Pacifico brand embodies adventure, seeks the unknown, and believes there is always more to discover. What a perfect partner for an organization seeking adventurous new pet parents. You can check out a list of waiting pets here.

A Committed Partnership

A male Del Papa Distributing marketing manager and three female DOPAC employees pose with shelter animals at the DOPAC center.
Del Papa Distributing Marketing Manager, Singh, with members of the DOPAC staff.

This isn’t the first time Del Papa Distributing has teamed up with Dorothy H. O’Connor Pet Adoption Center. In April, in honor of National Pet Day, in partnership with The Pet Resort on Main, Del Papa sampled Pacifico for “Yappy Hour,” at the new, local, and pet friendly Andustoria Wines. Del Papa also provided treats and libations for the four-legged friends in attendance.

So raise a glass of Pacifico to save a tail of a deserving animal in your community.

A dog and a cat are featured next to a bottle and can of Pacifico Beer. Organization logos are included for Del Papa Distributing and Dorothy H. O'Connor Pet Adoption Center.