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A Refreshing Way to Make a Difference in Southeast Texas

In a world where each choice carries the potential for positive change, a refreshing opportunity is on the horizon. Del Papa Distributing and Anheuser Busch are excited to present a distinctive fundraising campaign that merges enjoyment with empowerment, one sip at a time. Say hello to the Make It Worth It fundraising campaign, where your choice of beverage becomes a catalyst for community transformation in the United Way of Beaumont and North Jefferson County.

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Refreshing Support, One Sip at a Time:
Imagine indulging in the smooth, crisp taste of Michelob Ultra, unaware of the impact each sip can have. Throughout this September, your selection of Michelob Ultra contributes to a more profound purpose. With every case sold within the Southeast Texas distribution territory, Del Papa Distributing and will generously donate $0.25 to the United Way. This simple choice showcases your commitment to fostering a stronger, more resilient community. 

Empowering Essential Programs: 
The United Way of Beaumont and North Jefferson County stands as a beacon of community support, working tirelessly to enhance the lives of those it serves. By embracing the Michelob Ultra campaign, you’re enabling crucial programs in education, health, financial stability, and more. Your choice to enjoy a refreshing beverage becomes a powerful affirmation of your dedication to the well-being of your neighbors. 

Crafting a Collective Impact: 
From casual gatherings to shared moments of celebration, the act of raising a glass takes on new significance. Each sip of Michelob Ultra symbolizes unity and purpose, channeling your individual choice into collective action. Del Papa Distributing and Anheuser Busch’s partnership underscores the power of collaboration between businesses and local communities to drive meaningful change.  

A Call to Action: 
As we embark on September, let us toast to a brighter future for Beaumont and North Jefferson County. Embrace the Michelob Ultra campaign and revel in the knowledge that your enjoyment aligns with a purpose greater than yourself. Share the message, raise your glass, and savor the flavor of impact with every sip. 

In the tapestry of life, the smallest choices can create the most significant impact. The Michelob Ultra campaign bridges the gap between refreshment and responsibility, demonstrating that our choices can positively influence the lives of others. Let’s come together as a community, united by the simple act of raising a glass. Choose Michelob Ultra and embrace the power to create a stronger, more vibrant future for Beaumont and North Jefferson County. 

About United Way of Beaumont and North Jefferson County: 

In 1925, a group of community leaders organized the Beaumont Community Chest as a vehicle to help local citizens in need.  The name was changed to United Appeals in 1952 and in 1979, the organization became United Way of Beaumont & North Jefferson County.  Through the years, thousands of your neighbors have received help from the partner agencies funded by the United Way.

Partner Agencies:

  • Anayat House, Inc.
  • ARC of Greater Beaumont
  • Boys’ Haven
  • Boy Scouts of America, Three Rivers Council
  • Capland Speech Therapy Center
  • Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
  • Communities in Schools of Southeast Texas, Inc.
  • Family Services Counseling Center and Women & Children’s Shelter
  • Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council
  • Legacy Community Health
  • Nutrition & Services for Seniors
  • Rape & Suicide Crisis of Southeast Texas, Inc.
  • Salvation Army Corp and Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
  • Samaritan Counseling Center
  • Shorkey Center
  • Southeast Texas Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Southeast Texas Family Resource Center
  • Southeast Texas Food Bank
  • Southeast Texas Hospice, Inc.
  • USO – United Service Organization