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Introducing BABE Wine to the Del Papa Brand Family

For the first time, Del Papa Distributing is bringing you wine! And not just any wine, wine in a can. Introducing BABE Wine to the Del Papa Distributing family! BABE is the cute, delicious, take-anywhere wine in a can that pairs well with literally anything.

BABE Wine, itself, is not new. In 2015, following the infamous South Hampton Rosé Shortage,
Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. “The Fat Jewish,” and Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, founders of “White Girl Problems,” launched Swish Beverages with their first product, White Girl Rosé: a bright and refreshing rosé targeted to a new culture of wine drinkers who just want to have fun. In 2016, the team launched BABE. In 2019, supermodel Emily Ratajkowski became BABE’s official Chief of Taste. Now, it is part of the Del Papa brand family.

The addition of BABE Wine allows Del Papa Distributing to better serve its community by broadening the types of beverages it carries in order to reach all consumers. Consistent with the addition of UPTIME Energy at the beginning of 2019, Del Papa’s portfolio has expanded to include energy drinks and other Non-Alcohol beverages. And now with the addition of wine, anyone and everyone can find something they enjoy.

Keep an eye out for BABE Wine in three flavors: RED, ROSÉ, and GRIGIO to be hitting grocery store and convenience store shelves along the Texas Gulf Coast. Cheers!