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Beer Brings People Together

Cheers: the unofficial sound of beer has become a monthly ritual at Del Papa Distributing and 2-Row Distributing. Broadened menus and themed tastings have enhanced the sampling experience for beer lovers along the Gulf Coast of Texas. And we are just getting started! For the remainder of 2019, join us as we celebrate significant people and events in our community.

At each Cheers event, beer drinkers are able to sample a wide variety of new products before making a purchasing decision; a chance to “try before you buy.” But there’s more to it: our intent is that with every beer sampled, consumers not only learn and appreciate all of the amazing styles and flavor variations beer has to offer, but also appreciate the amazing people and places in their own community.

Beer brings people together! Like the clinking of two glasses, Cheers events do just that. Join us as we continue to gather together not only to drink great beer, but also to toast great people! Del Papa Distributing is proud to be a leader in the communities we serve. These events present an opportunity to get to know our consumers over samples of the products we are proudest of. Even better, upcoming events gives us the opportunity to honor local heroes and significant and special events including. We will honor the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon missions, celebrate First Responders and remember Hurricane. Harvey.

So join us as we raise a glass to beer, community, and the heroes among us. Cheers!

Ever wanted to see what a Cheers event is like? Now you can!

An inside look at a Cheers event.